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Satellite symposia will be organized on Thursday April 13 from 9:30 to 11:30AM by the 4 major corporate partners of the LHA 2017 Congress. They are included in the congress registration fees but for logistical reasons, please reserve the satellite symposium you wish to attend while registering for the congress.

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 9:30AM - 11:30AM

Amplitude: Dual Mobility: Technical aspects in primary and revision surgery. 

Room Saint Clair 3A

This symposium is dedicated to Saturne® cup. It will start with a presentation of technicalaspects of this dual mobility cup. Main implant design features will be associatedwith surgical technique aspects, and tips and tricks ensuring an optimal implantation ofthe cup will be explained. Then attendees will go through several workshops in the room,where they will be able to manipulate both conventional and navigated instrumentations,to see the life story of Saturne® cup from conception until post-market surveillance, andassess more than 10 years results of the implant.


- Jean-Paul CARRET - Lyon, France
-  Hervé CHAVANE - Lyon, France
Christophe CHEVILLOTTE - Dracy-Le-Fort, France
- Jean-Luc DELALANDE - Saran, France
Stéphane DENJEAN - Macon, France
Thierry GAILLARD - Villefranche, France
- Olivier TAYOT - Lyon, France

This symposium will be made of a main presentation, and followed by several little workshops in the room, where attendees can manipulate instruments and implants, and talk with the speakers.

Main presentation:

- Dual mobility Concept
- Saturne® range and features
- Surgical steps: planning
- Surgical steps: acetabular preparation and reaming
- Surgical steps: trials and impaction
- Saturne® cup evolution

- Dual mobility and navigation : manipulation with demo
- Animation on Saturne® cup: from conception until post-market surveillance
- Poster Saturne® : results on a series of 450 cups
- Dual mobility and indications : positionning and impaction of cups on different pathologies
- Amplitude since the beginning. 

Groupe Lépine: Dual Mobility and single-use instrumentation: Why? How? Results and Hands-on experience

Room Saint Clair 2

Dual mobility cups have been in use for more than 40 years. Several evolutions of the implantand its instrumentation have been made to improve the procedure’s safety. Recentstudies with more than 12 years’ follow-up show that the dual mobility concept can beapplied even to young, active patients. Single-use instrumentation (cup with embeddedimpaction tip, trials) and the insert with pre-assembled head made the long-term clinicalresults more reliable, as evidenced by the follow-up in the QUATTRO arthroplasty register.

Moderator: Jacques CATON - Lyon - France


  1. Effectiveness of the dual mobility design from the initial studies to contemporary dual mobility cups…
    Jacques CATON - Lyon - France
  2. … Even in patients less than 55 years of age
    Jean Marc PUCH– Nice - France
  3. Critical aspects that could compromise the results (Cemented and cementless fixation and Intraprosthetic dislocation)
    Loÿs DESCAMPS– Nice - France
  4. Infection
    Jean-Louis PRUDHON (Grenoble)
  5. Single use: strategy adopted by Groupe Lépine
    Thierry ASLANIAN– Lyon - France
  6. Impact on operating room routines
    Nicolas TARDY– Grenoble - France
  7. Description of QUATTRO™ PnP instrumentation and revised surgical procedure
    Thierry ASLANIAN– Lyon - France
  8. Monitoring and querying of QUATTRO™ database
    Jean Marc PUCH– Nice - France

Serf: 40 years of clinical experience with SERF Dual Mobility Cups

Room Saint Clair 1

French inventor of the Dual Mobility concept back to the 70’, SERF has always strived toimprove both the design and the materials, having today a range of innovative products,clinically backed up. This symposium will gather a panel of experts who will share theirknowledge and long lasting experience of the SERF Dual Mobility.

Moderator: Pr Michel-Henri FESSY (Lyon)            


Welcome and introduction
Pr Michel-Henri FESSY (Lyon)                     

SERF, the original : 40 years of history
Pr Frédéric FARIZON (Saint-Etienne)                      

Biomechanics and specificities of the Dual Mobility
Pr Michel-Henri FESSY (Lyon)     

Cup design evolutions : from superior rim to cylindro-spherical shape
Pr Emmanuel BAULOT (Dijon)   

The benefits of a stainless steel cup and cementless coatings choices
Mr Jean GERINGER (Saint-Etienne)

Analysis of dual mobility implants retrievals?
Dr Bertrand BOYER (Saint-Etienne) 

Polyethylene and dual mobility: what you should know
Mr Jean-Luc AURELLE (Décines)

Dual mobility cups : the engineer’s point of view
P. MARMONIER (Décines)           

The NOVAE range: cups for primary and revision cases
Dr Antony VISTE (Lyon)

10 points to consider for a safe cup implantation
Pr Rémi PHILIPPOT (Saint Etienne)      

Gait analysis on patients with dual mobility cups
Dr Pierre MARTZ (Dijon)          

Dual mobility cups for elderly patients with femoral neck fractures
Pr François BONNOMET (Strasbourg)

Long term clinical results in primary THA
Dr Thomas NERI (Saint Etienne)

Clinical results for hip necrosis
Pr Emmanuel BAULOT (Dijon)

Aseptic THA revision: clinical cases
Pr Rémi PHILIPPOT (Saint Etienne)

Difficult cases: dysplasia, tumor surgery, etc…


Take home message
Pr Rémi PHILIPPOT (Saint Etienne)

Stryker: Robotic-Arm platform with hip applications

Room Saint Clair 3B

The presentation will cover the development of Stryker’s Dual Mobility platform. Originallya well proven concept in French Orthopaedics, 10 years ago Stryker investigatedhow this philosophy could be incorporated into their hip portfolio and be introduced itto the US Orthopaedic market. Both the ADM and MDM dual-mobility have now beenproven as an effective way to increase hip stability and provide a positive health-economicbenefit.

- Paul Bradford, European Hip Marketing Manager
- Pr Fares Haddad, London
- Henrik Lassen, European sales manager Mako


Introduction, Total Hip Arthroplasty with Stryker implants and the Robotic Arm Assisted applications.
Paul Bradford

Total Hip Arthroplasty performed thanks to Mako Robotic Arm Assisted, interest and return form Fares Haddad experience.
Pr Fares Haddad

Robotic arm assisted surgery, international and European prospectives.
Henrik Lassen