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Thursday, April 13, 2017

09:30-11:30 Satellite Symposia

The satellite symposia listed here below will be organized by the 4 major corporate partners of the Congress.

They are included in the congress registration fees but for logistical reasons, please reserve the satellite symposium you wish to attend while registering for the congress.

Amplitude satellite: Dual Mobility Cup: technical aspects for Primary and Revision surgery

Groupe Lépine: Dual Mobility and single-use instrumentation: Why? How? Results and Hands-on experience

Serf: 40 years of clinical experience with SERF dual mobility cups 

Stryker: Robotic-Arm platform with hip applications

12 :00-14 :00 Lunch Break – Visit of the exhibition

14:00-16:00 SESSION 1A: THA Instability

Chairman: Jean-Louis Prudhon

14 :00-14 :40 A current concern

1A001  Introduction - M. H. Fessy 

1A002  Hip stability: implant factors excluded - P. Chiron 

1A003  Hip stability in relationship to the implant - X. Flecher 

Mini Battle (8 minutes): Financial extra charge due to dislocation 

1A004A  Dual Mobility impact on THA dislocation rate in France - J. Caton

1A004B  Economic modelization of Dual Mobility use - J. A. Epinette


1A005  Social impact of unstable total hip - J. L. Prudhon 



14 :40-16 :00 To prevent or to treat

1A006  Unstable total hip arthroplasty: an attempt to classify - P. Hernigou 

1A007  Cultural factors of unstable total hip arthroplasty - C. Assi 

1A008  Unstable total hip: clinical and imaging evaluation - J. Caton 


Mini Battle (15 minutes): must we change our surgical approach? 

1A009A  Why I didn't change my posterior approach? - D. Saragaglia

1A009B  Why I chose the anterior approach? - N. Bonin

1A009C  Why I use both? - S. Lustig

1A010  Metal on Metal bearing from 28mm to XXXL? - P. Mertl  

1A011  Large head impact on hip stability - F. Haddad

1A012  Hip resurfacing - P. Beaulé 

1A013  How to make my decision: resurfacing, large head, Dual Mobility? - M. Ribas


16 :00-16 :30 Coffee Break – Visit of the exhibition

16:30-18:00 SESSION 1B: THA Instability (following)

Chairman: Jean-Louis Prudhon

16 :30-17 :45 Dual Mobility: a revolutionary concept

1B001  History: from original concept to contempory implants - F. Farizon 

1B002  Errors from the past. Why Dual Mobility has been considered as an outlayer cup? - M. H. Fessy 

1B003  Intra prosthetic dislocation: still an issue? - T. Neri 

1B004  The third joint: retentive device - D. Noyer 

1B005  High crosslinked polyethylene behaviour during head impaction - J. Wegrzyn 

1B006  The so called third joint: the neck, the head, the Morse taper - M. H. Fessy 

1B007  From Bousquet design to contemporary Dual Mobility: an overview of results - O. Guyen, J. Bejui-Hugues

1B008  Dual Mobility cups: all the definitions you need for a better understanding - A. Ferreira



17 :45-18 :00 Summary of the session

A. Ferreira, S. Lustig


18 :00-18 :30 Opening Ceremony

18 :30-20 :30 Welcome cocktail in the exhibition



friDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

08:00-10:15 SESSION 2A: Dual Mobility

Chairman: André Ferreira


08 :00-08 :36 Design 

2A001  Introduction - A. Ferreira


Mini Battle (15 minutes)Metal back design

2A002  1 - Cylindrical and hemispherical - H. Chavane 

2A003  2 - Anatomic - P. Tracol

2A004B  3 - Extended cap: why? - D. Noyer

2A004 3 - Extended cap: why not? - J.M. Puch 

2A005  Bearings: sliding friction, rigidity, fixation, cost - S. Lustig 



08 :41-08 :48 Fixation

2A006  Primary cemented - J. A. Rincon Hoyos 


08 :48-09 :33 Cementless

2A007  Press fit only or add screws? - A. Ferreira 

2A008  How to manage press fit? - V. Salini 

2A009  European point of view of uncemented fixation Dual Mobility in primary - P. Mertl 

2A010  The North American point of view of uncemented fixation of Dual Mobility in primary THAs - M. P. Abdel 

2A011  Extra fixation: screws, pegs, flanges, hook, fins … - T. Neri 

2A011BIS  How cup technologie is important - A. Ferreira 



09 :33-10 :15 Insert - Which polyethylen (PE)?

2A012  Has standard PE failed? - E. Baulot

2A013  Crosslinked PE: inventory - A. Bistolfi

2A014  Which crosslinked is better for Dual Mobility? (in vitro study) - J. C. Hulet 

2A015  One specific crosslinked PE - J. A. Epinette 

2A016  Insert design: offset centering in insert - P. Deroche

2A017  Offset centering:  myth or reality? - M. H. Fessy 


10 :15-10 :45  Coffee Break – Visit of the exhibition


10:45-12:35 SESSION 2B: Dual Mobility (following)

Chairman: André Ferreira


10 :45-11 :38 Wear

2B001  Clinical evaluation of Dual Mobility PE wear? - P. Adam 

2B002  In vitro PE wear evaluation in Dual Mobility (explants) - B. Boyer

2B003  What killed standard PE: wear or large heads? - S. Brumby   

CROSSFIRE (16 minutes): 4 clinical series. Results at 10 years FU min 

2B004A  Novaë Cup - R. Philippot

2B004B  Quattro Cup - J.L. Prudhon

2B004C  ADM Cup - J.A. Epinette

2B004D  Saturne Cup - J.L. Delalande


2B005  A systematic review of the international literature - Results of the Dual Mobility - C. Batailler



11 :38-12 :35 Dual Mobility and activity

2B006 Expert round table: Dual Mobility and activity 

Chairmen: Sébastien Lustig & André Ferreira

2B007 Dual Mobility < 55 years old: cons - T. Ait Si Selmi  

2B008 Dual Mobility < 55 years old: in favor - J.M. Puch  

2B009 Does the Dual Mobility hip prosthesis produce better joint mechanics? - P. Beaulé  

2B010  Summary: looking for truth - S. Lustig  


12 :24-12 :30 Summary of the session

S. Lustig, JL Prudhon


12 :35-14 :00 Lunch break – Visit of the exhibition


14:00-16:10 SESSION 3A: The benefit of stability

Chairman: Sébastien Lustig

14 :00-16 :37 Dual Mobility for who?

3A001  Introduction - S. Lustig   

3A002  Dual Mobility and THA: what do the registries say? - S. Brumby 

3A003  Results of Dual Mobility in the French SoFCOT registry - C. Delaunay 

3A004  Use of Dual Mobility in North America: my indications - G.C. Lee

3A005  Dual Mobility: the Mayo Clinic Experience - M. P. Abdel 


14 :37-15 :09 Fractures

3A006  Bipolar Hip replacement vs Dual Mobility for hip fracture - J. Waddell 

3A007  Dual Mobility for hip fractures: results? - D. Tigani  

3A008  Dual Mobility in obese patient - P. Chiron 

3A009  Dual Mobility in tumor surgery: my experience - R. Biagini 


15 :09-15 :41 Medico Economic Symposium (32 minutes)

3A010_A Introduction - A. Ferreira

3A010_B Serf: Internationalization of the Dual Mobility - P. Mollier 

3A010_C Groupe Lépine: Dual Mobility, impact and effectiveness of industrial options - T. Aslanian 

3A010_D Amplitude: Dual Mobility: a successful concept and marketing - Speaker to be confirmed 

3A010_E Stryker: How Stryker created a Dual Mobility market in the US - P. Bradford

3A010_F Conculsion - A. Ferreira


3A011  Reasons for revision of Dual Mobility - J. L. Prudhon 


15 :47-16 :10 What should we do in case of instabilty with a Dual Mobility?

3A012  Dual Mobility revision: is there a room for constraint implants? - P. Hernigou

3A013  Dual Mobility revision: other options (except constraint liner) - M. H. Fessy 


16 :10-16 :40 Coffee Break – Visit of the exhibition


16:40-18:15 SESSION 3B: The benefit of stability (following)

Chairman: Sébastien Lustig

16 :40-17 :01 How?

3B001  Mobile bearing insert: 40 years of evolution - P. Marmonier 

3B002  Dual Mobility and computer assisted surgery - O. Tayot

3B003  Single use instrumentation and Dual Mobility - T. Aslanian 


17 :01-17 :36 Mini Battle (35 minutes)Surgical Approach: how do I implant a dual mobility cup?

6 questions – 5 different surgical approachs

3B004  Dual Mobility using Posterior approach: 5' video session - R. Philippot

3B005  Dual Mobility using direct anterior approach (standard table): 5' video session - S. Lustig

3B006  Dual Mobility using direct anterior approach (specific table): 5' video session - F. Delangle 

3B007  Dual Mobility using Watson Jones approach: 5' video session - S. Paratte

3B008  Dual Mobility using Hardinge approach: 5' video session - J. Waddell


17 :36-18:15 Dual Mobility and Revision

3B009  Dual Mobility and revision surgery: European experience and how I use it (video) - R. Philippot 

3B010  Dual Mobility and revision surgery: US experience and how I use it (video) - G. C. Lee

3B011  Technical aspects of the "Integra" cup - J. L. Prudhon 


17 :58-18 :05 Summary of the session

A. Ferreira, J.L. Prudhon


18 :05-18 :15 Final conclusions

A. Ferreira, M.H. Fessy, L. Lustig, J.L. Prudhon