11:15-12:45 - Thursday, September 12th, 2019

The workshops listed here below are organized by the 3 major corporate partners of the Congress. The access is included in the congress registration fees but for logistical reasons, please choose the workshop you wish to attend while registering for the congress.

DEPUY SYNTHES - Room St Clair 3A

A unique stem and many solutions: Corail in all her forms (Dual Mobility/OR Efficiency

This workshop will be dedicated to OR efficiency around three different points of view. Michel Bonnin will first explain how, according to his experience, using a Dual Mobility cup can help reduce costs and will also ask the question if this concept can really be a solution for young and active patients. The second presentation will be given by Dominique Hardy and he will show the importance of the coating in terms of performances and survivorship. Kristoff Corten will close the presentation on a more general presentation explaining why and how OR standardization helps improve patients and hospitals outcomes.

  • A Dual Mobility vision - M. Bonnin 
  • Design and HA - D. Hardy
  • OR Efficiency - K. Corten

GROUPE LEPINE - Room St Clair 1

The role of implants in optimised recovery after hip surgery: Design, Fixation, Approach & Results

Groupe Lepine follows innovation to offer validated concepts and improve recovery after THA: mini stems, dual mobility cups, instruments specific per approach, single-use acetabular reamers. These solutions are supported by clinical results.

  • Introduction - S.  Mathonniere
  • Design of Quattro dual mobility cups & results - A. Ferreira
  • Results of a Targos mini stem associated with a Quattro dual mobility cup - J.M. Puch
  • Dual mobility THA implanted by anterior approach: Technique & results - S. Lustig
  • Quattro cup input for instable pertrochanteric  fractures - J. Caton
  • The impact of reaming in a press-fit cup fixation? The benefit of a single-use reamer - J.L. Prudhon

STRYKER - Room St Clair 2

Innovation in Hip Arthroplasty: from implants design to Mako robotic-arm assisted surgery Mako  

Younger patients, with higher activity, and better aware than with the past implants: expectations, from both patients and surgeons, are evolving. Quality of life, the adaptation of the prostheses to each patient… What innovations can be considered to optimize the implants and their positioning to get the targeted performance, for all?

  • Adaptation of our technologies to the clinical needs: our innovative technologies (Additive Manufacturing, Tritanium and X3) – N. Reina
  • Adaptation of our products to the patients' anatomies: our Accolade 2 stem design and the use of SOMA – J. Wegrzyn
  • Adaptation of our tools to the surgeons' needs: Mako Robotic-arm assisted surgery – P. Kouyoumdjian

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